Johann Michael Püchler German, 1680-1702


Johann Michel Püchler was an 18th-century German painter and engraver who lived in Augsburg, Germany. He was active in the late Baroque period and is known for his religious and mythological scenes, as well as portraits and landscapes. Püchler was trained in the workshop of the famous German painter and printmaker Johann Georg Platzer, and his works reflect the influence of Platzer's style as well as that of other contemporary painters such as Francesco Solimena and Luca Giordano.
Püchler’s work was highly regarded in his lifetime, and he was commissioned to create paintings and frescoes for churches and other religious institutions in the Augsburg area. Some of his most notable works include the frescoes in the pilgrimage church of St. Anna in Augsburg and the ceiling paintings in the Jesuit church of St. Michael in Augsburg.


Some of his works for sale include Ecce Homo & Virgin Mary, a pair of oval shaped microcalligraphic images.