Belisarius Art & Design: Buy Art Online

Belisarius Art & Design is a new online Art and Design gallery where you can buy art online. We offer Traditional and Contemporary Fine Art and Design together with a mix of Sculpture, Asian art, Illustration and unusual and unique antiques & rarities from around the world.
We also offer a bespoke art advisory service to help collectors to form and curate their collections by working directly with clients and through decorators and advisers in the UK, Ireland, and the USA.

Belsarius was founded by Patrick Meade, a 30-year veteran of the art world who spent his career as a specialist and auctioneer at Christie's & Bonhams.
In this new venture he seeks to share his love and knowledge of art and objects from many locations and eras, creating a marriage of works from East and West.

Why Belisarius?
Flavius Belisarius or Count Belisarius was a Byzantine military commander under Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople c. 500 A.D.  Known as "The Last of the Romans", he was responsible for re-conquering the parts of the Mediterranean lost to the Vandals and bringing together, if you like, East and West.

Many galleries specialise in primary artists (those for sale for the first time) or in specialist niche areas of the secondary market, such as Modern Design, Asian Art, Arts & Crafts furniture, Traditional 18th-19th century paintings or Irish Art. Belisarius Art & Design aims to do both: to reflect how more and more collectors live with a mix of signature older works coupled with contemporary design and interiors.



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